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My plastic surgery in Mexico, tummy tuck in Mexico, liposuction in Mexico, affordable plastic surgery, cheap plastic surgery cost
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Cosmetic Surgery Mexico

My plastic surgery in Mexico
Plastic Surgery Mexico

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

My plastic surgery in Mexico offers all inclusive plastic surgery in Mexico Packages. Select from a variety of options such as liposuction in Mexico, tummy tuck in Mexico, face lift in Mexico and a variety of other plastic surgery procedures to redefine yourself privately and peacefully in Mexico. The plastic surgery cost is up to 75% less than USA rates making this an affordable plastic surgery.

Gastric bypass and Bariatric surgery
Gastric bypass and banding surgeriesare a proven way for overweight people to achieve their health and lifestyle objectives. Visit our gastric bypass section as well as sleeve gastrectomy section.

Plastic surgery abroad

Monterrey / Mexico: Mexico tourism
With a bit of European flair and a touch of " Americana ," Monterrey is a culturally hip city. The mountains, canyons and desert that surround the city offer pleasant diversion and a wide variety of tourist activities, many of which are not readily available anywhere else in Mexico . Some of the México's best hiking, mountain biking, cave exploring and nature areas are located within fairly close proximity to the city.
Learn more about Monterrey
How to take a medical vacation in Mexico

Mexico City / Mexico: Mexico tourism
This expansive city of 20 million and over a mile high is built on the ruins of Tenochtitlan , the ancient Aztec capital. Reminders of past civilization pervade the city, particularly at the Templo Mayor excavation and Anthropological Museum at Chapultepec Park . Fine shops can be found in profusion in the Zona Rosa.
Learn more about Mexico City
How to get a plastic surgery in Mexico

Tijuana / Mexico: Mexico tourism
Two oceans, a new kind of freedom, a license for social mobility and entrepreneurship that has attracted artists and musicians, chefs and restaurateurs, and professionals from Mexico and elsewhere: Tijuana has got it all and is becoming a vibrant city.
Learn more about Tijuana
How to get a plastic surgery in Mexico

Guadalajara / Mexico: Mexico tourism
The second city of the Mexican Republic , GUADALAJARA has a reputation as a slower, more conservative and traditional place than Mexico City , somewhere you can stop and catch your breath.
Learn more about Guadalajara
How to get a plastic surgery in Mexico

Plastic Surgery Argentina


Affordable cosmetic surgery abroad

More than 500 satisfied patients
My plastic surgery in Mexico has more than 500 satisfied patients and a 97% satisfaction rate. Our patients praise us for our board certified, experienced Mexico surgeons, for our quality of care and for our low plastic surgery costs and affordable plastic surgery in Mexico packages. Save up to 75% from USA rates!

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State Of the Art Medical Center
You deserve a peaceful, private and comfortable medical center with leading edge equipment in which to see your doctor,

Personal assistance
We perfectly understand that you are away from home to undergo a surgery. That’s why we offer a personal friendly assistance beginning upon your arrival. Fluent in English, your assistant will guide you through all your medical check ups and on site activities.

We are a medical tourism leader with leading satisfaction rates. We offer a guarantee in the unlikely event of non success: the new intervention is free of charge.

Post surgery assistance
You recover in a leading comfortable clinic where English speaking staff takes care of you 24/7. English speaking nurses are also sent to your hotel for regular check ups. When ready, your surgeon will give you the OK for on site activities.

Medical Tourism leader  

My plastic surgery in Mexico offers all inclusive packages including a tummy tuck in Mexico and a liposuction in Mexico. You will benefit with affordable plastic surgery and affordable cosmetic surgery.

The plastic surgery cost of your Mexico surgery is up to 75% less than USA rates and you will have access to leading board certified Mexico plastic surgeons.

In addition to plastic surgery in Mexico packages, we also offer gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric banding surgeries in Mexico.

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