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Cosmetic Surgery Mexico


Monterrey - Mexico


The City of the Mountains

picMonterrey , Mexico 's third largest city and the so-called "Sultan of the North" is, in fact, a truly surprising city. 

A modern, well-planned city that is easy to navigate and full of cultural offerings, Monterrey is populated by friendly and helpful people, who are eager to present their city as the most advanced city in Mexico . 

picMonterrey's population of over one million (three million in the urban area) is the most educated in México and the city on a per capita basis has more colleges, universities and institutes of technology, than any other Mexican city.  Another example of this city's progressive stature is the fact that over twenty per cent of México's computers are said to be located in Monterrey .

picThere are a number of nearby attractions to attract tourists, especially those interested in a vacation complimented by all of the amenities that are associated with the convenience that a large city offers. Quality restaurants, modern shopping malls, numerous museums and cultural attractions abound here. The mountains, canyons and desert that surround the city offer pleasant diversion and a wide variety of tourist activities, many of which are not readily available anywhere else in Mexico . Some of the México's best hiking, mountain biking, cave exploring and nature areas are located within fairly close proximity to the city.

picA visit to Monterrey is sure to surprise even the most accomplished traveler. Tourists often overlook this charming city, opting for the beach resorts and the promotional popularity of other Mexican cities. As word of Monterrey spreads, this should change. Tourism has become more prevalent in recent years, as traveling businessmen spread the word about Monterrey and even return to vacation with their families. 

picWith a bit of European flair and a touch of " Americana ," Monterrey is a culturally hip city. Despite the fact it's located in north central Mexico instead of along one of the country's popular and beautiful coastlines, it boasts tremendous culture and nightlife.

picSurrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains - centered by the Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain - it is distinctive in its look and feel.

Top 10 Attractions and Activities

1) Bioparque Estrella

picIf you want to stray a bit from the beaten path and enjoy the natural beauty that this area has to offer, plan a special trip to Bioparque Estrella, located just shy of an hour from the bustling city of Monterrey . Pristine lakes, majestic mountains and rustling prairies comprise a natural sanctuary that's home to a variety of birds and wildlife. Native plants, trees and flowers also abound. Ideal for kiking, walking, boating and picnics.

2) Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey

picLocated downtown in the popular Macroplaza area, this ancient cathedral stands as the city's oldest structure. The architectural styles include a unique combination of eras as the building's construction spanned 1770 to 1889. Extravagant ornamentation adorns the exterior, while the interior features lovely murals and paintings. Take a guided tour of this magnificent cathedral and find out about the catacombs that lie beneath, and hear about how the stone fonts bearing holy water ring pleasantly when gently rapped by a coin.

3) Centro Cultural Alfa

picAfter a busy day of sightseeing, shopping, or business meetings, visit the Centro Cultural Alfa for a chance to do some star gazing. The center's planetarium boasts a high-tech Omnimax system and a 24-square meter screen. The on-site museum spans five levels and includes a vast array of subjects, from information about Grupo Alfa, the company that initiated this center, to prehistoric national art. This unique establishment also houses an aviary, home to more than 200 birds, with 15 different species represented.

4) Cerro de la Silla

picFor a breathtaking view of the city, strap on your hiking boots and navigate the beautiful Cerro de la Silla Mountain. The name means "the saddle," as the mountain resembles its namesake to some degree. Seasoned hikers recommend that you start out well-rested and quite early to avoid heat, sun and fatigue. Also, be sure to take a pair of binoculars and a camera to get snapshots from the excellent vantage points along the way and at the top.

5) Cola de Caballo

picLocated just 40 kilometers southeast of Monterrey , this waterfall beckons visitors to make the short trip to view the majesty of its natural beauty. A visit to this refreshing site should certainly be on your short list of things to do during your free time. The name of the falls means " Horse Tails Falls " as the shape of the rushing water somewhat resembles the flowing tail of a horse. The falls cascade 25 meters down, spilling out from the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental .

6) Macroplaza

picLocated downtown and also known as Gran Plaza , this area is considered the center of this sprawling city that's known for its industrial pursuits. The plaza spans 40 hectares (nearly 100 acres ) and includes lovely fountains, gardens and statues as well as a number of historic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral that dates back to the 1700s, the Palacio Federal and the large Neptune fountain. A pleasant shopping district, the Zona Roas, abuts this central area, providing for additional diversion.

7) Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO)

picLocated downtown in the city's central Macroplaza area, this modern museum boasts a varied collection of outstanding artwork from Mexico and Europe . Approximately 30,000 square feet of space houses abstract artwork as well as special visiting exhibits of notable Mexican artists. The exterior grounds include a large dove-like sculpture that's considered a visual representation of the museum. The facilities also include a library, gift shop and café

8) Museo de Historia Mexicana

picAn intriguing museum, this establishment preserves the nation's heritage and encourages visitors to learn more about Mexico 's past. Five distinct exhibits include subjects such as the country's ecosystem, the area's art and architecture, and social and political factors of the nation throughout time. A commemorative fountain adorns the building's anterior, and a pleasant lake on the museum grounds provides an opportunity for leisurely paddleboating

9) Museo del Obispado

picDating back to 1786-1787, this palace was the former home of the bishop and offers an exceptional vantage point for views of the city. In addition to being the bishop's one-time place of residence, this building also served as a yellow fever hospital and a fort. Its storied past makes it the ideal spot for a historical museum, which it now is. Its exhibits tell the story of the state of Nuevo León, giving guests a chance to view historical artifacts and artwork.

10) Palacio de Gobierno

picEnjoy the architecture of this exceptional example of neoclassical construction. It's located in the city's central Macroplaza area and houses the state governor's offices. It features a lovely main staircase as well as eight columns standing sentry at the primary entrance. Windows boast arches, and the facade has quaint balconies. It was built between the years of 1865 and 1908.

Monterrey Visitor's Guide

Arrival and Accommodations

Monterrey is an easy two-hour flight from Dallas . The airport is located about a half-hour from where you will want to stay and play and it does have an ATM machine, so it's a convenient place to load up on the pesos. Shuttles and taxis are readily available.

The heart of the hotels is known as Centro Monterrey - there's a Sheraton, Fiesta Americana, even a HoJo's (don't laugh, it's clean and perfectly located).In the heart of a lively square, it is walking distance to the prime party spot of Barrio Antiguo. Between the two is the huge Grand Plaza of Monterrey with a park, beautiful buildings and an outdoor bazaar. The square has authentic Mexican music and dancers every weekend and there's an outdoor bar to sit and enjoy the moment.

There are two offices that offer information to tourists. Infotur at the corner of Zaragoza and Matamoros is open weekdays from 9 a .m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. On weekends, the hours are 10 a .m. to 5 p.m. (Tel: 45-0870). The other office is at the corner of Contitución and Zaragoza . Hours are from 8 a .m. to 4 p.m. (Tel: 44-4343).

Getting Around Town

Once situated in Centro Monterrey, it's hardly necessary to get to other places about town. Still, taxis are readily available; having a hotel make arrangements is better than flagging down a ride off the street.

Sightseeing and Activities in Monterrey

Vendors sell hats, pottery and other items at the Grand Plaza of Monterrey's

When away from clubs, one could easily spend a day roaming through and enjoying a nice lunch in the Centro Monterrey area. Fudora Park is also good for running, rollerblading, etc. Monterrey is home to many good museums, such as the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, the Museo de Historia Mexicana y Paseo Santa Lucia and the Museuo de Culturas Populares y Case del Campesino.

The Language

Spanish is, of course, the language of Monterrey . However, most people are fluent in English. Monterrey does have its own local twist on the native language. For instance, when people are feeling good, they are " chido (pron. "cheedo). Other "feelin' good" local terms are: con madre, padre, fregon, esta chingon and con garias.

Time Zone

Monterrey is GMT -7, the same time zone as the Central United States.

The Weather

The temperature ranges from 70F in the winter to mid-90s in the summer. It can get cool in the evenings (though not in the summer). Monterrey is bathed in sunshine, so the weather is almost always favorable.

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