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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Camp it is Lorraine from Canada. I wanted to take the time to honestly tell you what a pleasure it was to have you as a surgeon. You took the time to actually make me feel comfortable (…)

I chose Mexico as the place to have my surgery. I was told how I would be treated and about the after care. You sir certainly were outstanding and fulfilled your dedication to a patient. I remember you telling me where you would be at all times and gave me telephone numbers to reach you at any time of day or night seven days a week. That impressed me more then I can tell you, it's different here in Canada, as you know, I researched everything about my surgery and Mexico was the best choice I could have ever made.

In Canada it is unheard of for this kind of personal care. Plastic surgery is different, you’re not a surgeon taking out an organ, you go beyond that to me, and you are a gifted man. You help people trying to help themselves and those in need of emergency care, to me a Plastic surgeon isn’t just doing surgery but you are also working with people’s minds and emotions.

It is a surgery of choice in most cases and there are high expectations from some, you informed me of everything to expect after the surgery and that is exactly what I am doing, it's been about a month from the surgery and I can honestly tell you I feel the difference; there is a saying “when you look good you feel good ", Dr. Camp you have done that for me and I am thankful and looking forward to the new me in time. Thank you for your kindness and care and I love your city Yucatan, and look forward to having a vacation there and who knows maybe a little nip and tuck somewhere.

Dr. Camp you are a gifted surgeon and I thank you for what you have done For me.

I’ll send pictures eventually to show you–Lorraine, Canada

Marisa helped me with tips about town and also with tending to some personal needs I had. She made it easy to approach her with questions that I had concerning things that did not have anything to do with my surgery. She assisted me in getting my medicines and a few personal needs that arose during my stay. Marisa has a great personality. She is a huge asset to your organization. I am so happy she was my experience manager. I had great surgeons, excellent care, and a great experience. I am very happy to have gone through My plastic surgery in Mexico. I tell everyone how wonderful my experience was (...) I have been singing the praises of Marisa, my doctors, the staff at the clinic, and Norberto our driver. I would be happy to recommend My plastic surgery in Mexico to anyone - Gloria R.
I am extremely pleased with my experience with My plastic surgery in Mexico. I had surgery in Yucatan during the summer of 2006. The prices were as stated on their website. The total experience far exceeded my expectations. I was catered to and pampered much like a celebrity. It was great. Sol is a very dedicated and sincere person. She made sure that everything went smoothly. The people of Yucatan were very accommodating. I plan to return there in the near future. The hotel was excellent. From the moment I was greeted at the airport until the time I was dropped off to depart, I was treated like royalty. I am not a paid spokesperson. I am a person who discovered an extraordinary company while browsing the web one night. After consulting with 4 individuals who had received medical treatment in Yucatan via Gosulptura, I made my reservation. The doctors have impressive credentials. I had consulted with doctors here in the States but I did not feel comfortable with them. I am thankful to My plastic surgery in Mexico for offering such a unique service at such an affordable price. I am pleased to share this information. - Ricardo
I first met Dr. Sareta fifteen years ago, when he was flying from Miami back to Yucatan. He surprised me .I just wanted to drop you “miracle workers” a quick note to thank you. It was nice to know I picked a clinic that had such wonderful, professional and friendly staff. You were all fabulous and I would certainly recommend you! Thanks again for the good experience! - Diana
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all, but mostly Dr. Sareta.! I feel younger and firmer and my husband and I love the result! Also my self-esteem and confidence have been raised through the roof. Thank you. - Ingrid
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to thank you again for being so good to me. After making the final decision to have surgery, the next task was to find the right surgeon. I knew immediately after meeting you that you’d be the best. Your professional approach, honesty, environment, integrity, gentle nature and EXCEPTIONAL STAFF have made the experience a pleasure. All your staff was fabulous to me. Please extend my deepest appreciation! I commend you and thank you. - Roger
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks for your fine care, generosity and time. My spouse and I have been enjoying the result and appreciate the change you’ve brought to our lives! - Thomas
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was very nervous about the entire surgery until I spoke with you. You took all my anxiety away and replaced it with confidence. I’m so happy with the outcome. Sure makes me feel better about myself. You are such a wonderful doctor and your office staff is comparable to none. Thanks so much. - James
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for making my experience so pleasant. My surgery has made such a positive difference in my life. - Jessica
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a great deal of confidence in the surgery you performed for me. I’ve seen some of your work before and it’s quite impressive. I would like to thank you for completing my recent surgery in such a professional and caring manner. Also, what I really appreciate is your patience and the subsequent professional diligence in making sure that everything went well; for this I am deeply grateful. I strongly believe that you are such an adept doctor and pretty distinctive person. - Lina
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to first thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me not only in my physical appearance but especially to my self-esteem and confidence level. Both my husband and I are amazed with the fabulous results of my surgery. I am not only perky and firm but look even better than when I was 16 years old. You are truly gifted in what you do. There are no words to express my gratitude to you and your staff for everything you have done. The care that was given and delivered to me as a patient was nothing but outstanding and in my professional and personal opinion at the highest level of excellence. It is clear that you truly care for your patients and enjoy being a surgeon. The rewarding results and response from your patients are clearly valid and therefore the results I received and that were achieved is a clear reflection of your excellence. I will always be forever grateful to you and team of great staff. Sincerely. - Emmanuelle
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for making my dream come true. - Joseph
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for changing my life - Ron

My plastic surgery in Mexico offers all inclusive packages including a tummy tuck in Mexico and a liposuction in Mexico. You will benefit with affordable plastic surgery and affordable cosmetic surgery.

The plastic surgery cost of your Mexico surgery is up to 75% less than USA rates and you will have access to leading board certified Mexico plastic surgeons.

In addition to plastic surgery in Mexico packages, we also offer gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric banding surgeries in Mexico.

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